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You can now book our top-rated 1:1 Training Packages and Behaviour Consultations Online - so you can train your dog from the comfort of your lounge, garden, or anywhere with an internet connection!

Please rest assured that the process is simple, and there is very little training that cannot be done online, whilst still achieving the same phenomenal results!

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1:1 Online Puppy & Adolescent Dog Training
Our top-rated 1:1 Puppy & Adolescent training sessions are designed to set you up with a broad range of life-skills for a lifetime of good behaviour. Each session is 30 minutes.

Our online training is fast, fun and effective - and suitable for the whole family!

Our Client's achieve:
  • Great focus and attention - so that your dog knows great things happen when they pay attention!
  • A reliable ‘Sit’, ‘Down’ & ‘Stand’ position with voice cue - for great manners and impulse control
  • ​Super-fast, reliable recall… even around distractions! Perfect for peace of mind that your dog will return to you
  • ​Beautiful on-lead walking - for a pleasurable walk for human and dog
  • A solid ‘Settle’… perfect to teach relaxation and calm (and especially great for pubs and cafes!)
  • A ‘Leave It’ & ‘Drop It’ cue - important for those items that you don't want your dog to eat!
  • Prevention or resolution of jumping up behaviours - to prevent injury and develop good manners around guests
  • A stable ‘Stay/Wait’ - perfect for impulse control and for crossing the road
  • ​Good House Training (puppies) - for hygiene and to prevent unwanted soiling
  • Prevention or tackling of mouthing/biting - to prevent unwanted harm and problem behaviour 
  • Handling - to make grooming a pleasurable experience and to create a beautiful bond with your dog
  • Appropriate play and clever tricks - for fun and great stimulation for your dog!

Your investment for our training is just:
1 session £35
3 sessions £90 
5 sessions £125

1:1 Online Behavioural Help Sessions
Our top-rated Behaviour Consultations are suitable for when your dog's behaviour is unmanageable and isn't down to bad manners or disobedience. Each session is 1:1 and lasts 30 minutes.

Behavioural Modification takes time and patience, but with our expert help and the involvement of your Vet as required, we can help you to manage the issues you're experiencing.

If you need help with:
  • Barking
  • ​Pulling on the lead 
  • ​Biting 
  • ​Jumping up 
  • ​Separation Anxiety 
  • ​Coming back when called 
  • ​​Aggressive Behaviour 
  • ​​Separation Anxiety
  • ​​Fearful Behaviour or Nervousness/Anxiety
Then our online Behaviour help could be perfect for you...

Your investment for our expert Behaviour help is just: 
1 session £35
3 sessions £90 
5 sessions £125

How it Works...
1. Book
Schedule your FREE consultation call below this section, at a time to suit you, and we'll give you a call to chat through your needs. 
You'll be asked to complete a brief few questions so that we know how best to help your puppy or dog. 
2. Chat
During our consultation call, we'll get to know you and your pup a little better, 
and advise you of the best online training option to achieve exactly what you'd like to.
3. Train
You'll receive a confirmation, invoice and all the details you need to access your training session using video and audio. 
Our Head Trainer, Ann, will guide you through the simple process.
To get started, book a FREE 1:1 Consultation Call now 
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What Our Clients Say...

"I cannot believe how far Poppy has come in such a short time."

"Having a dog in a school environment could be a recipe for chaos however, Poppy thanks to her training from Ann, is part of the school community and a real asset to the school. As Poppy progresses further with her training, she will increase her interactions with the children focussing on their reading and talk and walk. During training, Ann is very focussed on Poppy ensuring that she is enjoying the training and that she has sufficient breaks to ensure that the training remains effective. Poppy loves her sessions!"

- Mat Tuckwood, Headteacher at Whitefriars Primary Academy

Meet our Head Trainer
Ann is an advanced and experienced Dog Trainer with in-depth understanding of behaviour and the psychology involved in modern dog training.  

She holds an Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour Management, full membership with the Association of Pet Dog trainers (APDT membership no 01269) and is proud to adhere to their Code of Conduct encompassing kind, fair and effective dog training using positive, reward-based techniques.

Her training experience and passion for the benefits of the human-dog relationship has propelled her into an educational environment including Schools, Libraries and Universities. 

When not training pet dogs, Ann can be found training & coaching working dogs under her other business, the Association of Dogs in Schools, around the UK.

APDT Reg No. 01269
Book with Confidence...
We're confident that you'll love online training with The Other Side of the Dog!

However, we recognise that online training may be a little different for some of our clients, so, if for any reason you aren't able to continue with online training, we will reschedule to an in-person date when this is possible.


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